Lack of Confidence and Low Self Esteem

“Kind of surprised myself with how much I relaxed and also how much I was able to tell you.”
Client comment.

We would use Cognitive Behavioural techniques (CBT) as well as hypnotherapy to work on this area as how you feel about yourself is very much dependent on your thoughts. We would examine those thoughts as they will be very specific to you as an individual and assess their validity and work to together to come up with acceptable alternatives that are more helpful and more accurate. We would also practice dealing with problem times and events so that you can see yourself dealing with it in a confident way. This can be useful for specific events such as interviews, speeches or social events or can be used for general events such as doing the shopping or collecting your children from school.

“I can’t thank you enough Rebecca for giving me the tools to help myself. I know it sounds dramatic but it’s life changing. I was being swamped by all my insecurities and fears and for the first time in a long time I fell in control of my life again and am growing an inner confidence I didn’t think I’d ever see.”
Client comment.

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