Frequently Asked Questions

There are many myths surrounding hypnosis and hypnotherapy and I want to ‘put to sleep’ (pun intended) a number of these. If the word ‘Hypnosis’ or ‘Hypnotherapy’ conjures up images of a powerful, magician-like figure swinging a gold watch while giving the command to ‘sleep deeply’, then you are in for a pleasant surprise! I promise you it is not like that at all!

Will I be asleep?

Whilst the word ‘hypnos’ means sleep you are unlikely to be asleep during the session. You will be able to hear everything that I am saying.

Will I lose control?

Definitely not. You are in control the whole time and won’t (and can’t) be made to do anything that you don’t want to do. In the unlikely event that I made a suggestion that was contrary to your values, beliefs or principles, you would ignore it or come out of hypnosis spontaneously.

Will I be made to cluck like a chicken?

Stage hypnosis is very different from hypnotherapy. I can guarantee that you won’t be made to do anything that you don’t want to do (see previous question). The people in the audience at a stage show are choosing to act as they do – partly because of expectation and partly because they were specifically chosen for their ability to ‘play along’.

Can anybody be hypnotised?

Nobody can be hypnotised against their will, so if you choose not to be hypnotised, you will not be. However, if you allow the process to happen you will have no difficulty in entering some sort of altered state. It is a skill you can improve on so it may take a little practice for some people but almost everybody gets there. It is important not to make yourself anxious about your ability to become hypnotised as the therapy can still be effective without hypnosis or in a very light ‘trance’ (for want of a better word!).

Can I speak whilst hypnotised?

Yes. Only a light trance is used for therapeutic purposes and some therapies require responses from the client.

Could I get stuck in a trance?

No. Press reports to the contrary amuse or concern me but if someone was hypnotised and not brought out of ‘trance’ they would simply wait as long as their patience allowed. Once they got bored they would get up and leave.

Can you guarantee results?

I can guarantee that I will do my utmost to provide the best service I can. However the outcome of therapy itself depends upon your motivation and collaboration with the therapist and results cannot be guaranteed.

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