Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) highlights the links between our thoughts and the way we feel and behave. It helps you change what you think (cognitive) and/or behave (behavioural) which in turn helps with the way you feel. I can help you to learn to understand your distorted thinking (there are a number of different types of distorted thoughts – please contact me if you want to find out more on this subject), to learn to challenge your thoughts and to help to provide solutions to change your feelings and behaviour. It is a structured form of therapy that is evidence based. Research has proved its effectiveness and, for this reason, it is a therapy of choice within the NHS.

Unlike traditional therapy, CBT is much more likely to help you within weeks rather than months or years. It focuses on the here and now, and is practical and action orientated. For example, if we decide to work directly on the way you behave then this will involve a behaviourist approach. Behaviourists believe (and it makes sense to me) that the best way of solving problems is usually to face your problems and fears. This helps you to gain insight on the issue and helps you to overcome it, whereas if you keep talking things through in the hope of gaining some deep insight before changing your behaviour you may be waiting forever. However, that can be extremely scary so hypnotherapy combines well with this behavioural approach as it allows you to face your fears or issues in a gradual way in your mind before being exposed to them for real.

The best thing about CBT is that it empowers you to become your own therapist. You learn new skills that will help you to grow in confidence, which you can apply to different areas of your life. You will be actively involved in the process of change during, between and after sessions in the form of self-help and exercises, but don’t worry – I will help you every step of the way. I consider myself to be a type of life coach who will help you to set and reach your goals. Hypno-CBT (registered to Donald Robertson who I trained with)  is a collaborative form of therapy – which means that we will work together to ensure that you get to where you want to go.

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