Musings on the Past

There are those that like to do dig over the past but clinical research has shown that being in the present and accepting things as they are is the first stage in moving on …

“Stop replaying the past in your mind. It’s gone. Use your mental energy to manifest something new. Don’t waste your precious life force being stuck on what didn’t work out or what you could’ve done. Do something new today. Each moment is another chance to recreate yourself.”

Idil Ahmed

There are many hypnotherapists that believe in the value of finding a root cause but I am not one of them. I believe, and I am not alone in that belief (it follows the Hypno-CBT school of thought) that exploring the past in too much detail causes unnecessary distress as well as risking false memory syndrome.

I do understand about getting closure but I believe this comes from looking at things differently (ie changing the way you think about what happened) – after all you can’t change the past.

Therefore we will discuss your past if it is deemed to be relevant to your current situation. After all, as mentioned in a previous post, past experiences have led to your core beliefs which ’cause’ (unless questioned as part of the therapeutic process) your current thoughts. Conscious rational discussion of possible alternative thoughts would be the next stage before introducing them in trance where they can be accepted by the subconscious (with repetition).

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