So what is an anchor? In NLP terms, not nautical terms, it is an association between a feeling and an action (and/or a word or a sound – or even a taste).

We create anchors naturally. For example, when a song is playing whilst you are feeling fantastic you associate the tow and every time you hear that song it brings back pleasant feelings.

Obviously the opposite can be true too. For example, a song played at a funeral when you are feeling sad can create a negative anchor so that every time you hear that song you feel sad.

We can use this in therapy to provide a wanted feeling that you can create whenever you need it. You can link it to anything you want – a word (eg. calm), an action (I like to use a clenched fist for smokers as you can’t hold a cigarette when your fists are clenched) or a song that you can hum – so that you can recreate the feeling at any time and in any situation.

We would build the association in the session between the feeling you want and the anchor you choose. It is a simple but effective technique that makes it easy to create positive feelings whenever you need them.

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