What is hypnotherapy?

What hypnotherapy is …. (in my opinion) ….

If you are looking for magic then hypnotherapy is not for you. Forget those images of swinging watches and people clucking like a chicken (I’ll explore those myths further in future posts!)

Oops I have now introduced those images I told you to forget just by suggesting them – haven’t I???

This, in my opinion, is what hypnotherapy is – ie. focused attention.

By focusing on what you do want, rather than what the problem or issue is, you can make significant changes and those changes are personal to you. The more details you can visualise in your mind, the more you can feel the benefits of the changes, the easier it is to make the change ….

And this is where ‘trance’ helps. So what is trance? My opinion on this is coming up in my next post …. and find out why ‘trance’ can also be a hindrance!!!!

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