What is a trance?

So what is ‘trance’? That is a controversial issue but I believe it is very like guided meditation. It makes you relaxed which has lots of benefits including ‘shutting down’ the chat of your mind which leaves room for clarity of thought.

Whilst many people fear the idea of being ‘put into’ a trance through a misguided belief that they will be out of control, it is, in fact, a very natural phenomena.

A book I have recently read ‘Trances People Live’ by Stephen Wolinsky suggests that the person with the problem is already in a trance.

My understanding of this is that habits become so automatic that we continue to follow the same patterns. Thus we are in a trance.

Therefore the role of the therapist is to take you out of that trance. The best way to do this is to introduce alternative behaviours (and thoughts) and build the motivation to doing so. Rather like life coaching combined with relaxation.

However, there is obviously a bit more to it than that as hypnotherapy helps to bypass the conscious mind and directly access the subconscious mind – an area of the mind that holds memories and habits which will be the subject of my next post …. 

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